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U.S. builders say new standards can help push hempcrete into mainstream

The new year is expected to bring fundamental advances that could help hempcrete building go more mainstream, according to a yearend summary and outlook by the U.S. Hemp Building Association (USHBA). Read more at:


Long-term daily dose of cannabidiol is well tolerated by healthy dogs

A new study, published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, has produced evidence supporting the safety of cannabidiol (CBD) for longer-term use in healthy dogs. Read more at:


New study shows cannabidiol (CBD) is effective at reducing stress in dogs

A new study, published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, shows that a single oral dose (4 mgs per kg of body weight) of THC-free CBD can significantly relieve multiple measures of dogs’ stress caused by car travel or being left alone. Read more at:


Research shows hemp-derived cannabinoids could be basis for natural pesticides

Cannabinoids from hemp could be the basis for natural pesticides, according to research conducted at Cornell University. Read more at:


Global group urges moratorium on growing genetically altered hemp outdoors

Genetically manipulated hemp and marijuana strains present a wide range of potential problems, according to the Federation of International Hemp Organizations (FIHO), which has called for a moratorium on outdoor growing of such cultivars. Read more at:


Letting People Legally Buy CBD Significantly Reduces Opioid Prescription Rates, New Study Shows

A new report looking into how CBD access affects opioid prescriptions concludes that while legalizing CBD may not itself reduce opioid prescribing rates, the ability to actually access and purchase legal CBD products has led to 6.6 percent to 8.1 percent fewer opioid prescriptions. Read More at:


Study shows hemp plants enhance wine quality and soil in New Zealand vineyards

Wine produced from the grapes co-planted with hemp showed increased quality, and the presence of hemp plants improved vineyard soil, according to research in New Zealand. Read more at:


Scatter Charcoal Throughout Your Home And Watch What Happens Overnight

Reports of a strange trend have been making waves in certain online circles with a reported million Americans taking part. Read more at:


CBD store opens second location at Atlanta airport

A CBD retailer has opened its second location at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Read more at:


Critics say proposal for tight THC limits would wipe out market for CBD in California

A proposed amendment from California’s Department of Public Health that imposes strict limits on THC content in hemp products would effectively eliminate the market for broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products, critics claim. Read more at: