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Mothers Give Insight on Navigating Medical Cannabis for their Children with Autism

Autism has a great deal of mystery surrounding it. Part of this comes from the complexity of the condition, inspiring the terms “neurodiverse” or “on the spectrum” to define people whose brains function differently than those who are neurotypical. Autism spectrum disorder incorporates a wide range of neurobehavioral conditions that can consist of impaired social


‘Oil’ is well: Here’s how hemp seed oil can keep your pet happy and healthy

As we are approaching the holistic way of living, we would want to give our pets the same options. Hemp Seed Oil is one such great friend of the furry kind. Hemp is a miracle medicine which helps pets recover from various ailments. Read More at:


7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is the nutritious oil that is created when cold-pressing Cannabis sativa seeds. These little seeds pack many healthy benefits. Read more at: