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Shortage of certified carbon credits is opportunity for hemp, new report says

Industrial hemp can help large companies to decarbonize their supply chains, but rigorous certification programs are needed if the plant is to reach its full potential as a nature-based solution to climate change. Read more at:


Hemp on par with wood in ability to capture and store greenhouse gas

Hemp can store CO2 as efficiently as wood in raw materials for the construction industry, and should meet EU certification criteria for carbon credits, a new report from Germany suggests. Read more at:


How the 2023 Farm Bill could reshape the Hemp Industry

Over the next months, U.S. House and Senate agriculture committees will draft a new federal farm bill. It will impact food, farm, conservation, and nutrition programs for five years. Read more at:


Hemp can be substitute for polyethylene in packaging, Canadian study shows

Packaging could be the first major application of hemp bioplastics, a new study from Canadian researchers suggests. Read more at: